Let’s Sing!

Eileen Smith voice teacher

I am a singer, voice teacher, and producer.

With over thirty years of experience teaching artists from Canada’s professional theatre companies and festivals (Stratford, Shaw, Charlottetown, and more), and working with training programs at Western University’s Music Theatre on the Thames, Randolph Academy, Humber College, and Ryerson University, I have developed a vocabulary for many different learning styles.

Functional Voice Training changed my singing life and I continue to share this approach. Every voice is individual in its beauty and its potential for communication. This technique addresses the unique voice, with principles that set the artist free to make music and share their story.

  • Singers are small muscle athletes. They can stretch and build strength, increase flexibility and refine perception.
  • Health, age, the demands of work, roles, and life: all have important impact upon the vocal mechanism. To sing optimally, throughout a lifetime, requires attention.

My fascination is the intersection of singing technique, acting thought, and how we learn.

Are you a working professional?
An emerging young artist?

I love the conversation that is a singing lesson.
If you want to explore the art of singing, get in touch.