from Leah Doz (actress, singer, dancer):

Eileen is a remarkable singing teacher. I feel so grateful to be taught by her and recommend her to everyone. She is incredibly astute, diligent, and attentive to her student’s needs; her generosity and devotion are impeccable. She has helped me prepare for numerous auditions, and coached me through preparation to play Liesl in The Sound of Music at the National Arts Centre.

I turn to Eileen at every opportunity for coaching and for ongoing lessons. She has shifted my entire perspective about the singing and speaking voice with her practical approach and I have made massive progress with her in the three years I’ve trained with her. Her insight into the psychology of performance has also made me a healthier, more productive artist.


from Bruce Dow (actor, 2014 Dora Mavor Moore Award winner, singer, composer, director, educator):

Eileen Smith is one of the finest vocal coaches with whom I have ever had the pleasure of working.

For long-term lessons, or even a quick ‘tune-up’ – I cannot recommend her highly enough.


from Brigit Wilson (actor, singer)

There is a slice of my life in which I do something that both terrifies me and thrills me. That is singing.
I always sang as a child. I never asked why. I simply came to it naturally and I loved it. I was a part of many choirs when I was young. School. Church. I sang the lead in my high school musical. I performed in musicals throughout my university years. And then something changed. I pursued my career as an actor and have been relatively successful to this day. But I was never called upon to sing. I took a few singing lessons when fresh out of university and then let that pass.
Fast forward to the last couple of years. I now stand in Eileen’s living room from time to time and sing. Yes, terrified and thrilled. However, I find with each passing year , I’m more thrilled than terrified. That was Eileen. Her repeated cueing about how sound is produced and how I must strengthen my singing muscles gave me the knowledge I was lacking and the confidence to work toward my goal of singing again with that joy I had when I was a younger me.

In the past few years, I’ve gained enough confidence to submit myself for musical auditions. And I’ve confidently understudied a singing lead character in a production at the Stratford Festival. Eileen’s VERY positive support and love for singing has infused the singer in me with confidence again.


from Blythe Wilson (actor, singer)

I’ve trained with Eileen for over ten years. With every lesson I feel inspired.

Eileen has helped me free up my voice. I’ve gained confidence and conquered some of my vocal fears.

She has helped me have a fuller voice and teaches good solid singing habits. Eileen’s approach is thoughtful and her style can be useful to actors or singers of all different levels of training.

Not only will she help improve your voice, but her lessons will help flexibility, range and tonal quality. Eileen offers professional and reasonably-priced one-on-one and Skype voice lessons.

I highly recommend her technique, style and approach to getting the most out of one’s voice.


from Carol Baggott Forte (singer, vocal instructor)

Eileen Smith became one of my pupils more than 35 years ago. She advanced as a singer/teacher into a valued colleague, studying functional voice training with not only myself, but with the master, Cornelius Reid, in NYC, and with other teachers of the same philosophy.

Over the years, we have often shared pupils with outstanding results – many of them accomplished, professional Canadian actors and singers.

Eileen Smith is a dedicated, intelligent teacher with immense empathy and compassion for her pupils, be they beginners or advanced. I recommend her as a singing teacher without reservation.